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Start Today Podcast

Dec 18, 2023

Reflect back over the last year and ask yourself...


Have I made any progress?


Write down what you've changed.
Concrete, measurable changes.


None of this "I have a better mindset" BS.


Go ahead, write it down.


If you're staring at a blank piece of paper and realizing you've wasted another...

Dec 4, 2023


This episode contains explicit references and views.  If you are easily or even moderately offended, do not listen!

Chris was a guest on a podcast recently that's been going viral for weeks!  He was interviewed on a variety of controversial topics where he pulled no punches.

It was too good not to, so we...

Aug 31, 2023

In this hard hitting episode of the Start Today
Podcast, Chris answers your questions on a wide range of topics!
From the best advice he was ever given…
How to find a good mentor…
The best  advice for a 21 year old.
…and giving a brutally honest answer about whether or not he hates obese...

Jul 17, 2023

WARNING: Not For the Easily Offended!


The first and most important step to creating an amazing life, is waking up to a body that you’re actually proud of. 


But most people do not have this luxury. 


In today’s hard hitting episode, Chris exposes society’s hidden agenda to keep you fat, weak, medicated, and...

Jul 3, 2023

Weighing 500 pounds, prescribed 7 different medications, diagnosed with depression and eating himself into an early grave…
At just 34 years old David Keckan had hit rock bottom.
Fast forward just 2 years - with the help of Nutrition Solutions 
He lost 285 pounds.
Got off all prescription medications.
Ran a...