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Start Today Podcast

Jul 3, 2023

Weighing 500 pounds, prescribed 7 different medications, diagnosed with depression and eating himself into an early grave…
At just 34 years old David Keckan had hit rock bottom.
Fast forward just 2 years - with the help of Nutrition Solutions 
He lost 285 pounds.
Got off all prescription medications.
Ran a marathon.
…and took back control of his life.

Story of David Keckan



In today’s episode of the Start Today Podcast…
A powerfully inspiring tale of redemption, resilience, and transformation.
David opens up to Chris and reveals all!
What life looked like at 500 pounds, the steps he took to start his weight loss journey…
How was able to push through the hardest days….
How he got off 7 different medications by changing his diet and working out.
What his life is like now that he’s fit, healthy, crushing it at work and running Ultra Marathons…
Advice for people looking to make a lifestyle change and so much more!
Today's episode will inspire the f*ck out of you!
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