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Start Today Podcast

Jun 30, 2020

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health right now.

Many of us are having extraordinary emotions in response to extraordinary times and circumstances.

People are attempting to do their best to help contain the spread of the corona virus, keep up with government shutdowns/sanctions, make sense of the protests, rioting , democrats vs republicans and all the other BS being jammed down society’s throat right now.

Americans feel unsafe , uncertain and have been led to believe we are destroying ourselves from within. These feelings lead to anxiety, depression and anger, which add fuel to fires that are already burning out of control.

So with so much seemingly out of our own control, what can we do to play our part to move ourselves forward as a nation?

In episode 54 Chris gives you a hard hitting wake up call on the valuable opportunities we’re neglecting as individuals every single day, which will unequivocally change culture, society and the world.

Selfless, random acts of kindness.

The information you’ll hear in this episode will change the world when applied!

Don’t miss out!