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Start Today Podcast

Sep 23, 2019

Adversity is defined as difficulties and misfortune.  Everyone can think of a time where you have gone through adversities.  

It is easy to look for the easy way out of adversity.  When life begins to push back, the knee jerk reaction for all of us is to find the fastest way to make the adversity go away.  The truth is that we have to do the opposite! We must embrace adversity!

The adversity we face today is not to stop us.  The adversity we face today is there to test us.  To make sure we are ready for what is to come next.

In this episode we have a very special treat.  Chris dives into a story you have never heard before.  Today, Chris takes us back to the beginning and explains how the success he has today is because of the adversities he faced in his past.