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Start Today Podcast

Jan 3, 2022

This may not be the “feel good” episode you were hoping for to kickstart 2022, but it’s exactly what you need if you plan on improving your life this year.

With a New Year upon us, success and new goals are at the front of everyone's mind.

Most people are looking and want to make changes for the better.

Sadly, the over whelming majority of people will not follow through on their commitments and see their goals through to completion.

Changing your life is hard.

Changing your life will be impossible if you’re not willing to acknowledge the real reason you aren’t where you want to be.

In this episode, Chris shares the uncomfortable truth about why most people fall short year after year.

He challenges you to conduct a difficult, but much needed self assessment that could change your perspective forever!

Put this episode on repeat.
Share it on social and with a friend…

And most importantly, execute on the topics discussed, so you can break through the glass ceiling in 2022!