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Start Today Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Goal setting is an art form, not just something you casually do.

Unfortunately, only a meager 3% of the population set goals properly and will reap the massive benefits of doing so.

The process of proper goal setting is a surprisingly complex psychological tool, that when utilized correctly will help you accomplish anything you seek out to do.


Sadly most who set goals do not do so properly, which sets them up for failure from the start and leads them to consistently not seeing them through.

Every success minded individual knows exactly what it is there after and set goals strategically that help them get there.

They think big and take action accordingly based off the exciting, challenging goals they have set.

Average people fail to recognize that without goals, or big enough goals, you basically drift through life without purpose, motivation or the ability to accomplish anything of significance.

Goals give us strategic targets to seek out that, when hit, allow us to experience the things we want most.

But how you set goals matters more than most realize!

In this 2 part episode, we are going to break down the psychology of goal setting, the profound effects it has on the human brain and a powerful 8 step process that when followed, virtually GUARANTEES success with any goal!

Get ready to take notes, as Chris shares with you a bullet proof strategy on how to set and dominate your goals like a boss!