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Start Today Podcast

Jan 17, 2022

One of the most valuable life skills we can develop is our ability to operate at a high level in stressful conditions.

Stress is unavoidable, so it is critical we take action to manage stress, so it does not break us down.


Simply put, stress management is essential to good health, a strong mindset and a successful life.


Stress will either bring out your worst - or best.


Which one will depend on your ability to operate when the pressure is turned up?


Being able to stay composed, calm and able to not just navigate through, but dominate in high stress situations when stakes are high, is a direct byproduct of good stress management practices.


Having outlets to manage stress as well as exposing ourselves purposely to mild stressors is pivotal to optimizing our mental and physical health.


In episode 75, Chris and Rick dive deep into the impact stress has on our lives, what happens if we don’t do something about it and provide a blueprint on stress management, that will help you learn to thrive during the most intense and stressful situations!