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Start Today Podcast

May 11, 2020

Right now there’s  another pandemic going on. It’s hidden in plain sight and this year alone will have a body count at least 300% greater than the Corona Virus.


We have taken great precautions in an attempt keep people safe from COVID-19 , but we have taken hardly any action to keep people safe from themselves


This pandemic has become so common and accepted in our society, that you would never even know it’s there. But it is...


And it’s killing more people every single year!


The worst part? The diseases and sickness brought on by the pandemic in question can actually be entirely avoided if we take the proper course of action.


In episode 50, Chris discusses the ability to think for ourselves, the pandemic going on that is way more concerning and deadly then COVID-19 and takes you on a short journey where you’ll observe the responsibilities of your life from an entirely different view point.


This episode will hit hard and although it may be  inconvenient being confronted with the harsh truth, it’s only through the truth will we be set free.