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Start Today Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

Over the last 10 months, the Liver King has exploded on social media due to his unorthodox approach to teaching people how to live a better life.


He’s been one of the most talked about figures in all of pop culture, so why is he receiving so much negative criticism and backlash?


The way you think shapes your reality.


Your beliefs determine what your body, bank account, relationships and quality of life look like.


For those reasons, it’s CRITICAL to not just manage your thoughts closely…


But work to improve your mindset so you can elevate your conscious, think differently and start creating better results in every area of life.


In todays episode, Chris calls out ONE THING that‘s keeping people stuck, fat, broke, depressed and living a life that sucks…


And how the Liver King has inadvertently exposed the weak mentality that so many American men possess today!


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