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Start Today Podcast

Jul 17, 2023

WARNING: Not For the Easily Offended!


The first and most important step to creating an amazing life, is waking up to a body that you’re actually proud of. 


But most people do not have this luxury. 


In today’s hard hitting episode, Chris exposes society’s hidden agenda to keep you fat, weak, medicated, and easy to control! 


He outlines the drastic consequences of not being proud of your body that you’re unaware of, why change starts with intolerance, and the ONE THING people need to do to take command of their life.


If this is triggering, GOOD. This episode is exactly what you need to wake the f*ck up. 




0:00:00- Intro


0:01:48- What would the 6 year old version of you say?


0:04:30 - The programming is real


0:13:14 - Fat shaming? Or is it just shameful to be fat?


0:19:45 - Why shame culture is a good thing


0:42:05 - How are you not pissed off?


0:46:15 - You don’t have time


0:51:38 - This can happen in just 6 weeks


1:02:05 - Don’t do this to your family


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