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Start Today Podcast

Jun 1, 2021

Crashes, Volatility, Elon Musk, Fear, Greed, Memes and Deception. 


What is Really Going on With Crypto right now?


Should you invest, go all in or stay clear of crypto

currency all together?


Today Chris brings a game changer of an episode with his special guest Dr. Saman Soleymani, an avid  investor and crypto expert. Dr. Saman is a medical physician, entrepreneur, medical director for Nutrition Solutions and community leader. 


In this episode, Chris brings the good doctor on to share his extensive knowledge on crypto, including what the future holds, the best time to buy, investments he wish he never made and the type of mindset needed to succeed in the world of crypto investing.


Both Chris and Saman share their personal experience with investing over the years and share their valuable wisdom so that you can be successful investing in crypto as well!


If you’re someone who wants to make money and learn how to invest responsibly, this is a must listen!